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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The last year for the year 6's

It was really nice having older roll modles in our school. we got to have lots of fun day with the year 6's and I'm going to miss my to besties that are year 6's MAhanawai and Maija

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Things to do on a Wet Day By Nahklel

You could *play board games *read a book *have a warm bath *go to the movies in town *baking *art *play finish homework *writing la etter *sleep in *look at the weather *play with your brothers and sisters *practise some things you need to do *doing work for your mother or father *have a sleep over party.

Things to do on a Wet Day by Alyssa

You could play inside /read / do board games/ do art / do baking with mum/ writing or finish your homework. Some great tips Alyssa. Mrs Owen

What to do on a wet day! By Ashly

You could *Read a book *Play a game *Draw *Talk to somebody *Sleep in *Do stuff you meant to do like chores *Have a nice warm bath *Cook *Go to the movies *Do Origami (art) *Do maths and writing *Finish your homework *You could act like your in the Olympics *Practice Kapahaka words *Practice your gymnastics routine *You could look outside *You could plan a sleepover or friends coming to your house

The Olympic Games By Raymond

My favourite moment at the Olympic Gmaes was when Usain Bolt came first in the 100m sprint. He has now got 3 gold medals in a row. Usain Bolt is the fasted runner in the world. When he was runing the 100m he beat the world recod time in 9.63secs, which was very fast. When Usain Bolt lifted his feet off the blocks the time started. He felt pumped up and he never wanted to let someone else win.

The Olympic Games by Alyssa

My favourite moment from the olympic Games was the hockey. I dont know who won but it was good and i enjoyed watching the games. Someone got whacked in the face in the womens hockey.